About Kate

About Kate

A skilled pedagogue and highly experienced teacher, Kate Lanagan has spent the last decade honing her teaching style and studying all styles of vocal music. Having worked with a diverse student set of varying ages and backgrounds, Kate is ready and eager to help you reach your goals — from playing piano for the first time, to impressing your friends at Karaoke night, to gaining admission into prestigious university music programs.

After completing her degree in Voice Performance, Kate served as General Music Teacher and Director of Choral Studies in a private school. While offering private lessons after school, she discovered that she loved teaching one-on-one. Seeing a chance to make a stronger difference in the lives of her students, in 2010, Kate left her school position and founded Cardon Studios to provide private music lessons in Washington, DC.

Since that time, Cardon Studios has grown from Kate’s solo home studio to a music school serving hundreds of students each week and led by a core team of 12 wonderful teaching professionals that Kate now has the pleasure of overseeing. Now, having spent the last few years working to maintain and develop her school in DC, Kate is now re-building a core studio of her own private students in Miami Beach, FL.

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Work Experience

Cardon Studios

2010- present

I founded Cardon Studios in 2010 as a private teaching studio out of my home in Washington, DC. Since that time, Cardon Studios has grown to serve hundreds of students each week under the leadership of 12 carefully selected master teachers in Voice, Piano, and Guitar. I currently serve as the Artistic Director and CEO, overseeing marketing and development, teacher performance, and general quality assurance of the company.


Berklee School of Music

In progress
Vocal Styles Specialist Certificate

My personal focus for singing is on Classical and Operatic repertoire. However, I understand that many students, especially beginners or hobbyists, would prefer to work with Jazz, Pop, Rock, or R&B. For this reason, I am pursuing higher education in diverse areas of focus, including this certificate in Vocal Styles.

Westminster Choir College

Vocal Pedagogy Institute

This intensive program took my understanding of the vocal mechanism to a more fully-developed comprehension through study in a vocal laboratory of vocal anatomy/physiology and acoustics, vocal health, and body work including YogaVoice®. This allows me to better identify potentially dangerous vocal faults and carefully train growing voices as through age-related vocal changes.

Shenandoah Conservatory

CCM Vocal Institute

As a leader in cutting edge vocal research, Shenandoah Conservatory is a key player in the modern day vocal industry. My studies here embodied not only differences in style and 'best practice' across genres, but also the nitty-gritty of vocal science to support my teaching goals with an accurately informed, safe manner of instruction, particularly through areas such as 'belting' where vocal damage can more easily occur.

West Chester University

Graduate Level Music Education

During my years as a General Music Teacher for grades pre-K through 8, I studied and employed many tactics from the Orff methodology. The main premise of Orff teaching is that learning is most efficient and most meaningful through play. By allowing children (and really, learners of all ages) to explore organically, their own discoveries are more powerful. This makes new ideas easier to access and recreate for practical use.

Catholic University

Bachelor of Music, Voice Performance

While completing my four year degree as a Voice major, my studies included both general credits such as music theory and music history, as well as specialized courses on Vocal Literature for all the major languages (French, Italian, German, and Russian), Lyric Diction and technical language classes, Piano, Acting, and Stage Movement.

Skill Achievement

Classical Singing
Jazz Singing
Musical Theatre
Pop/Rock Vocal Styles
Vocal Pedagogy