A. With the exception of the first lesson only, which bears no commitment to continue, Lessons are to be scheduled on a recurring weekly basis. In scheduling a lesson, the student accepts the commitment to attend all lessons, unless otherwise indicated at the beginning of the monthly term. Student Commitment is necessary for advancement and to provide a return on your investments of both time and money. All lessons are considered confirmed upon acceptance of a weekly appointment, with the exception only of necessary make-up lessons as detailed below. When a student is not able to attend at least half of each month’s lessons, their weekly recurring appointment time will be released to other students.


A. Lesson Rates are as follows:

1. 30 minute private lesson- Voice, Piano, Acting, Audition Prep, or Combination for one student $40/lesson

a. 10% Family discount is available. Two private 30min Lessons: $72

b. $20 surchage for semi-private lessons. Two students, 30min together: $60

2. 60 minute lesson- Voice, Piano, Acting, Audition Prep, or Combination for one student $65/lesson

        a. $20 surchage for semi-private lessons. Two students, 60min together: $85

B. All lessons are to be paid in full on the first day of each month.

1. All Students must submit credit card information for automatic processing of monthly tuition.

2. Monthly lesson tuition will be processed to the card on file on the 1st of each month.

a. When the 1st of the month falls on a weekend, payment may be taken on the preceding Friday.

b. Failed payments will be re-attempted daily; any outstanding invoices which are five days beyond the due date will have a 10% late fee applied. After fifteen days, a second 10% late fee will be applied. Any future lesson appointments will be cancelled when a student has an outstanding balance which is fifteen or more days overdue.

3. A detailed invoice is available by email upon request.

4. All weekly lessons are considered confirmed. Exceptions may be made to reschedule given 48 hours’ written notice by email.

a. Cancellations may be honored with make-up lessons provided the cancellation is in keeping with the standard cancellation policy; credits for missed classes will not be applied to future months.

i. Cancellations are not subject to refund under any conditions.

ii. Make-up lessons must be rescheduled to a mutually agreeable time outside of the usual lesson schedule within two weeks of the original cancellation or may be forfeited. Make-up lessons may be offered with a teacher other than the primary instructor. After 15 days, no obligation is held on the part of the studio to offer a make-up lesson.


A. In scheduling a weekly lesson time, students agree to adhere to the following requirements:

1. Student agrees to practice regularly as appropriate to personal level of development.

2. Students will arrive at lessons promptly and ready to begin. Lesson end times are set and extra time will not be allowed for lateness.

a. In addition to punctuality, it is also highly recommended for singers, to ensure the success of the student, that each student arrives well-rested and having avoided external influences that have a negative effect on the voice, i.e. shouting, caffeine, etc.

3. Students will bring all necessary materials to each lesson.

a. Materials include recording device for home practice, any sheet music or books necessary to achieve student goals, a pencil, and water as necessary.

B. Ms. Lanagan reserves the right to discontinue lessons upon the repeated occurrence of ill-preparedness, troublesome scheduling demands, or difficulty in receiving payment in a timely manner.

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